Venomous Looklet


This is just venomous 😀 Ever heard of a clothes styling simulation site called the looklet? Well yeah I’m a victim of this site. A friend of mine suggested me to check this site out, just this evening, and I couldn’t stop styling up and trying out all the cool outfits there! Well it’s virtual, of course 😀 But still…I’m just an ordinary girl. Girls are crazy about fashion! (or is it just me? no no no…there are millions of users on that site and I believe almost all of them-are-FEMALE ;p) First time I checked it out, W-O-W. Yeah I can’t afford those things in real life so I will just satisfy myself with mix-matching  this and that, here and there, and voila! You got your style!

Well yeah I worked in fashion company before, I did, but hey…I was an analyst. I’ve never tried mix and match before. All I did was calculating and analysing numbers and numbers. Millions of numbers. And now that I start putting things together, the real clothing thing, it’s just cool. Hell yeah it’s fun! You have to try this, gals! Recommended 😀

See? Do things you really like, break the rules, be yourself, and be happy. Enjoy yourself!

-warmest kiss and hug- Ciao!


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